Remember the words of Sunn O))): "MAXIMUM VOLUME YIELDS MAXIMUM RESULTS"


released November 22, 2019

A bit more than two years ago Roger and I released "Still Drones", our first collaborative album. A lot has happened since, with new ideas evolving, yet with this EP we take a look back at the music we recorded back then. The first three of the four tracks are alternate mixes or versions of one of the original album's centerpieces, "Downfall", as well as "Desert Drone", while "Winter Drone" is an older track. Actually "Winter Drone" was some kind of starting point, a shift in our music-making from Roger's guitar playing with my electronics swirling around to a SunnO))) approach with a certain Lou Reed twist. Quite raw in its sound, "Winter Drone" showed the way of what "Still Drones" was to become. "Downfall" seems like the other end of this way, the finishing line.

W. Merx
R. Palmeri


Guitar tracks recorded by Roger Palmeri at RP Studios, England. All other tracks recorded by Wolfgang Merx at The Basement, Germany. All tracks produced by Wolfgang Merx at The Upper Room, Germany.


Wolfgang Merx – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitar Processing, Bleeping, Droning, Traps, Buttons & other tricks
Roger Palmeri - Guitars & Effects


Cover art originally by Artem Lauk (c) (www.rtmlk.com), edited by Wolfgang Merx




Hertene Musik 2019


all rights reserved



Wolfgang Merx Cologne, Germany

Neil Young said it all: "It's better to burn out than to fade away ...because rust never sleeps."

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